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Is Wormwood Near?

Updated: May 25

I am sending out a bonus blog because of a couple of programs Al and I heard online this week, which we encourage your to listen to.

I don’t know how many of you have heard of Tom Horn who has online TV shows. He is a former Assembly of God pastor and executive in the denomination. He left the pastorate several years ago and formed a publishing house (Defender Publishing), an online TV station, and a pony ranch providing restorative therapy for traumatized children.

The subject matter of the books he publishes may concern people, even frighten some. What he talks about may be out of the comfort zone of many—maybe even you. But he came out with a program last Sunday—and for the next three Sundays—on which he discusses his just-released book “The Wormwood Prophecy,” published by CharismaHouse, Charisma Magazine’s publishing arm.

There is a thirty-minute interview on his own TV station:

which is the first of a four-part series, as I said. Just click on the video at the top of the homepage.

Then last night, he was interviewed for two hours online at this link: Hagmann Report

It was a much more in-depth story if you can spare the two hours.

Anyone who knows us realizes that Al and I are not “normal.” I mean, would a normal person sell most of their worldly goods and move to the other side of the world in their twilight years? Because of God’s call, our sense that we are in the last days is heightened. These interviews have enhanced even that.

We are neither endorsing nor disparaging Tom’s vision. We’re merely passing it on for your consideration.

If you have any comment, feel free to email. I apologize that our website is asking you to subscribe before it allows you to view the blog. I thought I had that plug-in removed. I will work on it later today. I just felt I needed to get this blog out. I hope you have time to listen.

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